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Brewfirm D'Oude Maalderij (the old malthouse or D.O.M. brewery) was founded in 2011 in Koolskamp, Belgium. The first testbrews were made in a tiny 20L brewkettle on a place where grains had been malted for decades. 4 friends, beerlovers and tasters crafted new recipes, day and night as obscure alchemists.

 Until today, in a sincere and honest way, D.O.M. brewery continues to practice the ancient and respectable  craft of beer brewing, although 3 of the 4 brothers got carried away by other passions.


Only by the use of authentic ingredients, pure and pristine beers are created, step by step.

Late 2012 was the moment supreme for D.O.M. brewery as it introduced it's first unique and finished beer: Qantelaar, with pride.

For the commercial releases and production of their beers they find solace in the brewhouses of friended and aqualminded brewers, where they rent the equipement. They started out in the former installation of brewery Maenhout (6hl), went brewing in brewery Gulden Spoor (10hl) and now do their thing mostly in brewery 't Gaverhopke (10hl). Occasionaly they brew in brewery Alvinne (20hl) and in brewery De Leite (30hl).

It is of the utmost importance for D.O.M. brewery that the churn-staff is always wielded by themselves by the creation of every single brew to maintain the quality standard that they chose for their beers, the highest and purest. Only in that way is it possible to ensure that every drop of beers is produced in the artificial proces with honorable grown ingredients.

Dare to taste, learn to enjoy!

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